You save because we are not affiliated with any real estate broker or lender. In Maryland it is your right to select your title company.

Who we are

Superior Title Company, a Maryland based company, has been conducting real estate settlements and title insurance services in Maryland for over thirty years. With vast experience in purchases, refinances and new construction, the company is poised to act as a liaison between you, your lender and real estate agent and is able to provide excellent service at reasonable costs.

With a professional, courteous and responsive staff, Superior Title Company will create a positive settlement experience. All settlements are conducted by an attorney, and supported by a professional staff. Settlements can occur in our office or a public location convenient to all.

Superior Title Company works with clients on properties that are offered for direct sale by owner by creating the contract of sale and purchase and assisting the parties through final settlement.

In addition, Superior Title Company can assist with settlements wherein the properties are being purchased as a result of tax sale, foreclosure, short sale or title change as a result of marital separation or estate planning.